My Story

I am a visionary, a project driver, the conduit between technical and creative teams that keeps an organization moving.

I started in Publishing at St. Joseph Media 10 years ago where I took my creative arts background and combined it with technical expertise to establish the Multimedia Production Department allowing St. Joseph publishing titles to create video content on all web platforms.

In 2009, the content library was growing rapidly and we needed a better way to serve content to millions of monthly visitors. I took the lead on sourcing and shortlisting video content delivery vendors that could easily integrate into our web properties. After selecting Brightcove as the best solution, I worked as a technical consultant with the Developer, Editorial, and Management teams to integrate the Brightcove seamlessly.

I also began consulting with the Sales teams to develop marketing campaign execution strategies. Video was new for St. Joseph and I was the one with the technical and marketing skills to provide solutions client would pay for. We began selling pre-rolls and interstitial ads using the Brightcove and Tubemogul platforms opening new revenue streams for the company. Before I left, St. Joseph Media had thousands of videos and new content weekly being distributed across 8 properties with over 5 million visits per month.

In 2011 I was looking for room to grow and wanted to have more input in the creative process so I moved to PHANTA where I become a Senior Video Editor in change editing content for major brands including Sun Life, RBC, Jaguar-Land Rover, The American Marketing Association, TD, McGraw-Hill, Sunwing Vacations, Children’s Aid Society, Variety Village, Revera, and more. The small agency vibe kept the work fresh and the pace fast as we grew considerably year over year revenue. 

My Leadership skills continually developed as the department grew from 2 to 4 with additional freelancers being managed as our volume of work increased. In 2014, I became the Head of Post Production officially managing all Editors, Motion Graphic Artists, and additional freelancer capacity to delivery large volume of high quality work.

In 2014 I also Project Managed several Technical system updates to improve efficiency and standardize processes within PHANTA including centralizing asset management to allow increase collaboration between all members of the Post Production team. I also reduced our overhead costs associated with data management and created a more robust data backup system to keep downtime to a minimum.

I also pursued independent projects outside of PHANTA with Travel & Style developing my advertising technology skills by implementing ad server technology for their web property and leading development of browser friendly digital magazine without the use of web plugins. Developing the solution allowed pages designed with InDesign to be seamlessly converted for online viewing without any loss in aesthetic quality. The digital magazine had full interactive features and allowed Travel & Style to sizably increase web traffic.

Pursuing an MBA has always been a dream and in 2016 I began the journey to build my business management skills and become a more capable marketing professional. With a dream of focusing on product marketing and business strategy, I needed to learn more and expand my horizons. Attending school part-time at Wilfred Laurier for a three-year program has been incredible and meeting new people has made every late night after a long day worth it.

As of 2017 I have had a larger focus on Marketing skills as I become more involved in larger campaigns at PHANTA. I have found a passion for Product Marketing and take any chance to be a part product focused video marketing campaigns. Technology products are my passion and I thrive on being able to communicate a compelling story that effectively targets a market segment’s needs.

I am passionate about technology, marketing and giving products a voice so they can connect with customers. As a leader continuing to develop while studying my MBA I am always looking for the next rewarding challenge.

If you want to chat more, connect with me on Linkedin.