Speed up editing in Premiere Pro CC for Mac

Tired of lag from a complex timeline? I was too so I started experimenting to get the speed up the Mac Pros (Mid 2012 silver towers) where I work. These are tried and true tips that will save you a lot of time when editing:

– get an SSD boot drive, it will cut down on program lag performance
– get a second SSD for your cache drive, all those .pek and preview files writing to a faster drive will cut down on your lag time.
– RAID your footage drives to reduce seek time and help you playback multiple streams of HD
– get a CompressHD to speed up your H.264 exports especially if that’s your dedicated export format
– upgrade to the best GPU you can afford, this really helps with effect playback and rendering to a master format like ProRes 422.

This list seems short but these tips ensure an aging Mac Pro runs smoothly for years regardless of ingest formats.