Uniqlo Life in a Minute: Michael K. Williams

Uniqlo: Life In A Minute – Michael Kenneth Williams from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

More Life in a Minute shorts to watch! These came out a while ago and really round out the series of Uniqlo ads for their UT 2013 Lifewear campaign. Michael K. Williams should definitely be recognizable as Omar from The Wire and Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire. Also below is a short featuring Miss Info from HOT97FM. The series was created for Uniqlo by Vice who hired Ryan Enn Hughes to direct the project, who brought myself on-board as the editor and vfx lead.

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Uniqlo Life in a Minute: Jenny Slate

Uniqlo: Life In A Minute – Jenny Slate from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

Who doesn’t love comedy? Or Marcell the Shell? Well they’re both near and dear to Jenny Slate, the most recent personality featured in Uniqlo’s Life in a Minute campaign for their UT2013 tees. I was fortunate enough to be brought onboard by Director Ryan Enn Hughes to edit and add motion graphics to the project working many long nights. It was all worth it in the end and I hope you like the results!

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The Extremities “Dial Tones” now playing on MUCH

Thanks to Lithium Studios‘ Mike MacMillan and Director Darrell Faria for bringing me onboard for this fantastic project. Toiling over speed ramps, reverse and tiling made for one hell of a video, Alter Ego upped the ante with huge firework comps and Notch brought it home with the colour grade. Check it out over at MUCH.

Update: It’s now on YouTube as well (watch below)

Check out I Spyders for a limited time

I Spyders, a short I recently produced and edited, is available online until Thursday at midnight over at Dread Central . It’s part of a buzz campaign to get the film some exposure and introduce it to new audiences. If you have a moment check it out before it’s gone!

Dread Central is the premier website for breaking news, original content and active community in the world of horror, covering movies, DVDs and more.

I Spyders is a dark comedy starring John (Kevin Jake Walker, Devil Seed), Gabriel Dumas, Michelle Harris and Jeff Yung. Directed by William Allinson, shot by Stephen Chandler Whitehead (A People Uncounted, We Ate the Children Last), and produced by Kyle Edward Wilson.


The 360 Project: Krump & Ballet

With over 200,000 hits on Vimeo alone, Ryan Enn Hughes’ 360 Project is generating some serious buzz. I collaborated with Ryan during the editing process, taking rotating images and manipulating them to create two shorts: Ballet & Krump. The first is a softer edit with subtle glitch edits, the second is a lot more hard hitting with stutters, sporadic placement and bold glitch effects. Check out the two shorts and behind the scenes video below!