Apple introduces ‘Metal for VR’ in macOS High Sierra

Metal 2 has a new VR-optimized display pipeline alongside viewport arrays and stereoscopic visualization frame debuggers that should allow VR developers a great way to build content on the Mac.

Lay the groundwork first for your products to thrive in. Apple’s long run solution looks promising but they still need that modular Mac Pro for cutting edge VR work. Graphics card cycle times are far more condensed than the iMac hardware refresh rate.

With VR History You Can Hear the Bombs Drop in Trafalgar Square

VR experiences that recreate historical events are becoming more popular in classrooms and at historic sites across the globe. And some creators are hoping they can amplify textbook accounts with a deeper, more empathetic look at some of our most critical moments.

A little disturbing but if it will get kids to learn about important sacrifices for freedom throughout history then why not?

Meet SONICAM: The World’s First Affordable 3D Virtual Reality Camera

SONICAM is a photographer’s dream camera as it also contains ISO, white balance, shutter, a professional Gamma setting, sharpness, saturation, contrast, and much more. RAW image format is available for post-production so users can edit them with their own artistic touch.

It’s incredible how many of these cameras are being developed, all vying for a sliver of the market. At this point there is no clear front runner, only time will determine what the go-to will be for various segments of the market. What is clear is requirements: Live, RAW, and at least 4K.

Walmart is bringing VR instruction to all of its US training centers

The startup building these training experiences is STRIVR Labs, a relatively low-profile VR company that had previously focused largely on developing VR training for collegiate and professional athletics programs.

This is where the money is in VR. It may not grab many headlines but opportunities present themselves to the shrewd investors. B2B Training Vendors for the future.

Virtual Reality — The Future Of Media Or Just A Passing Trend?

Best comment from the article via Ahmad Kareh, Twistlab Marketing

Marketing today requires heavy engagement and consumers’ expectations are high. The virtual reality phenomenon is more than just a trend, it’s an opportunity for unique interaction and gamification on a new level of engagement.

We haven’t seen what VR will become yet and the evolution will happen gradually. You won’t notice if you fixate on the tech, but if you notice the next time you’re at a theme park or theatre, the advancement will hit you.

Don’t look for dividends in VR yet

The virtual reality (VR) market is expected to be worth about $34 billion annually by 2022. Tech investors are understandably excited about this expanding opportunity, particularly as giants like Facebook and Alphabet make huge plays in the space.

If you are looking for dividend stocks in VR then you have conflicting goals in your investment profile. VR innovation will come from startups while established tech giants will facilitate hardware ecosystems. If you are looking to invest in tech, you understand the risk profile associated with the industry. Income stocks will have an inherently lower risk profile than pure play tech investment.

Virtual Reality Isn’t a Hit at Home, So Imax Tries Arcades

In the first four months of 2017, the L.A. center registered more than 25,000 admissions and an average revenue of $15,000 per week. It estimates that 100 locations could contribute about $25 million in annual revenue.

Like lasertag on steroids, brilliant market play by IMAX, out of home has so much potential. It’ll be interesting to see if theme parks pick up on this as a new attraction. Disney’s Pandora theme park just opened and I could definitely see this being a headline attraction.

The Bleeding Edge of VR & Healthcare

Virtual reality can create an environment that is safe, repeatable and place someone in an immersive context that’s designed for a specific treatment. Floreo uses this enabling technology to create a new generation of autism therapy that has the potential to be both effective and engaging, and capable of teaching skills that would be very difficult to teach in a therapeutic setting.

Exciting developments that many with VR tunnel vision can’t see yet.

Virtual Reality Will Never Be a Mainstream Entertainment Platform

The question is: How much does a virtual-reality environment enhance the power of storytelling? I’ve seen dozens of VR experiences over the last few years, and I always come away thinking that I’d have enjoyed it more on a traditional 2D screen.

There’s the rub; the medium requires a form of storytelling that taps into the power of VR. The position the author takes is short sighted though. Media consumption paradigm shifts look alien to those who can’t see beyond the horizon.

Paris in Pink (from the Arc de Triomphe)

While atop the Arc de Triomphe in Paris you get the perfect view of the city. This photo was taken using Kodak Aerochrome Infrared film to bring out different colours and give the moment a unique perspective.

To purchase the signature ‘Paris in Pink’ photography print visit the Wandering Moments Collection.

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