2009 ING New York City Marathon (Photos)

I’m finally back from New York and it was absolutely exhilerating. Covering the marathon was such a rush. From getting great access to the start line and pro runners, the Maasai Marathon group, getting a media motorcade to transport us to Central Park from Staten Island to cover the finish, it was more than someone covering the event could ask for.

NYRR club should really be commended for how well they operated the race. Everything went smoothly. I captured a few inspiring shots at the end where all the runners showed their true emotions. Alanis Morissette, Anthony Edwards, and Edward Norton were also among those I covered. The real highlight was Parashi, who came all the way from Kenya to run as part of the Maasai Marathon to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.
Overall a great experience and I’m definitely signing up next year. Here’s hoping I get in.

*Click on the images below to view the photo set on flickr.
Samson and Sunte walking to the start
Alanis Morissette and Andrew Wolfe, pre-race

Kudos from the Maasai Marathon Organizers

Had a pleasant surprise in my inbox this morning: Shauna, a Maasai Marathon Organizer sent this after watching the short fundraiser video I did for my Dad:

“Just wanted to say that your video is so awesome. Edward and I just
watched it and it really is great. We are having the web master put it
in the main videos section.”

Follow Edward Norton’s training for the run and donate to the cause!

More Maasai Marathon Updates

What started as a simple promo video has now exploded into a documentary! I’m heading south at the end of the month to cover the ING New York City Marathon where I will be following the Maasai Marathon Team from start to finish. Along with the race day shoot I will be interviewing  the Maasai warriors and Edward Norton about what makes the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust such an important cause.

Missing Paris

Well I just got back from a wonderful holiday in Paris and I’m already missing it. There was so much history and culture that I couldn’t possibly see it all in one trip but I tried my best. Highlights included ice cream at Berthillon and all the world class food!

*Click the picture to view the photo set on flickr.
Swing ride and ferris wheel, Terrasse des Feuillants

Day 7: The Great Port City of Tangier

From Chefchaouen I took a long afternoon bus to the great port city of Tangier. The city is notable for it’s unique cultural feel thanks to Mediterranean influences. Although once one of the seediest cities in Morroco it was cleaned up at the insistence of King Mohammed VI. We will stop shortly for dinner at an ocean front restaurant then take an overnight train to Marrakech. View the journey in Google Maps.