Sir Ridley Scott on Creative Integrity

After watching Prometheus for third time I really have to commend Sir Ridley on recording one of the most entertaining commentary tracks I’ve heard in a while. The excerpt below is particularly entertaining and good reminder for any director today:

I have a view… I hate to use the word vision, but I do have a vision, I know exactly what I want, that’s why [when] everyone’s going “what’s this on the table, oh it’s a fucking hollogram,” and I think eventually you have to say honestly shut the fuck up. You can bleep me if you like. Part of the job of a director is to you’ve gotta just stand your ground saying this is what I want, fuck off, and that’s it… now they’re going “ooh that’s great” but that’s part of the job… What I know is it doesn’t matter how experienced you get. I’ve got more films in this god damn building, 3 in the library of congress, and people still go what are you doing that for? It gets really annoying. You think I’de have earned the right to do something but you don’t. I think that’s what’s interesting about the business you’re in a constant state of somebody saying why are you doing that?