The Bleeding Edge of VR & Healthcare

Virtual reality can create an environment that is safe, repeatable and place someone in an immersive context that’s designed for a specific treatment. Floreo uses this enabling technology to create a new generation of autism therapy that has the potential to be both effective and engaging, and capable of teaching skills that would be very difficult to teach in a therapeutic setting.

Exciting developments that many with VR tunnel vision can’t see yet.

Virtual Reality Will Never Be a Mainstream Entertainment Platform

The question is: How much does a virtual-reality environment enhance the power of storytelling? I’ve seen dozens of VR experiences over the last few years, and I always come away thinking that I’d have enjoyed it more on a traditional 2D screen.

There’s the rub; the medium requires a form of storytelling that taps into the power of VR. The position the author takes is short sighted though. Media consumption paradigm shifts look alien to those who can’t see beyond the horizon.