REA Property Unveils Virtual Reality for Property Buyers

Property buyers in Malaysia will soon be able to view prospective properties via virtual reality (VR) technology, which provides a 360-degree realistic viewing experience.

Realtors in North America are already taking advantage of the 360 VR photo and video content to give buyers an better sense of a property. Always reminds me of Quicktime VR; Apple was decades ahead in image stitching and VR experiences.

SyncThink launches next generation product to track concussion symptoms with VR

There is no universally accepted, evidence-based definition of concussion and that’s the reason EYE-SYNC is so important to the health of athletes, soldiers, and patients alike.

The healthcare industry stands to benefit substantially from VR implementation for research studies. Assessing symptoms faster and knowing the extent of a brain injury will drastically improve diagnosis and post injury treatment. VCs should be looking for physician, researcher and technology confluences to exploit the opportunities for VR implementation.

Adobe Buys Mettle’s SkyBox Suite To Strengthen VR Offerings

Adobe will be working on integrating these tools with Premiere Pro and After Effects. While the suite has always been meant specifically for above mentioned Adobe offerings, the integration is said to offer a better and smoother experience in VR editing which is expected to happen by the end of 2017.

In hindsight this seems like an obvious acquisition for Adobe. There’s little sense in spending the time and money to develop VR tools when you can acquire the company with the best tools and market it as a competitive advantage.

Sluggish VR uptake… Really?

Cost, market fragmentation, the difficulty of exposing people to it, its tendency to make people feel sick are all reasons put forward as to why it’s a slow-burner.

Really? This sounds like a boiler plate response and a misunderstanding of the disruptive nature VR holds. A technology paradigm shift is deemed DOA or ‘sluggish’ when it doesn’t have the uptick of iPhone sales. Look at it this way: VR is on an upward trajectory but the reporter is too close to the trendline. If you were to figuratively zoom out, the overall trend indicates that VR is sitting right behind the hockey stick curve uptick.

Intel drones and VR headed to 2018 Olympics

Evans said Intel’s technology will also help athletes and coaches. For example, coaches could use virtual reality to closely analyze an athletes’ performance from different angles, Evans said.

This is where Intel shines, sheer computing resource power strategically applied to new technologies. Here’s hoping they can offer front row experiences for tennis and other close proximity sports.

STRIVR Labs, DFB Partner To Make VR Training Work For Soccer

STRIVR Labs is bringing its virtual reality training system to the German Football Association (DFB) in a new technology partnership that will be the first foray by both organizations into virtual reality’s potential uses in soccer.

The best move you can make as an early investor in this space is establishing a platform for an industry. If you’re all in on training then pick an industry, be the SME, and blanket the Health and Safety reps from coast to coast with your pitch.

YouTube shows off VR-centric video analytics

People spend 75% of their time in 360-degree videos looking at the 90-degree slice that’s in front of them.

You have to have a compelling reason to draw a person eye around the 360 video otherwise, yes, right in front of you is where the action should be. Creators should be training the viewer with sound and visual cues. There’s also something to be said for creating an atmosphere that invites exploring such as visual relaxation therapy.

Here’s What It’s Like to Watch the NBA Finals in Virtual Reality

Glance to your left and watch the Cleveland Cavaliers’ bench sulk as Kevin Durant drains the go-ahead trey in Game 3. Glance to your right and Steph Curry is squatting, in controversial fashion, to celebrate Durant’s big bucket. Look behind you and you’ll see fans dazed with confusion and shock. And you never left home.

Tried this and it is crazy but is it something a group of people would be interested in? No. This is a play for the sports cave solo nights. VR experiences put up barriers between people in social situations.

Virtual reality technology arrives at GW Hospital for neurosurgery

Virtual reality techniques can lessen the chance of hitting major structures like blood vessels, which can cause severe health implications if they are ruptured during surgery.

VR is the perfect training tool for the medical community. The supply constraints, human bodies in this case, are mitigated with a realistic virtual organ system letting surgeons perfect procedures and plan for unexpected complications.

Canada’s first virtual reality escape room launches in south Ottawa

Must be in a patriotic mood this morning:

“This is the first in Canada,” he said. “And there’s only a couple in the States with the game that we didn’t want to buy. So we’re really first in the world with this type of game.

More entrepreneurs capitalizing on VR. Impressive that they built the content from scratch. If they can leverage what they learned for other brands they’ll have a monster business.

Two people spent 48 hours in nonstop virtual reality

“When you wake up in VR, you just believe everything,” he explains. Normally, virtual reality is a conscious choice, but if you wake up in a simulation, surrounded by dinosaurs and spaceships, you don’t’ have time to question your reality as you regain consciousness. “It’s kind of like waking up in an unfamiliar hotel room.

Fascinating experiment and it’s interesting how quickly the mind will accept what it sees as reality, especially when you wake up like that.

Apple introduces ‘Metal for VR’ in macOS High Sierra

Metal 2 has a new VR-optimized display pipeline alongside viewport arrays and stereoscopic visualization frame debuggers that should allow VR developers a great way to build content on the Mac.

Lay the groundwork first for your products to thrive in. Apple’s long run solution looks promising but they still need that modular Mac Pro for cutting edge VR work. Graphics card cycle times are far more condensed than the iMac hardware refresh rate.

With VR History You Can Hear the Bombs Drop in Trafalgar Square

VR experiences that recreate historical events are becoming more popular in classrooms and at historic sites across the globe. And some creators are hoping they can amplify textbook accounts with a deeper, more empathetic look at some of our most critical moments.

A little disturbing but if it will get kids to learn about important sacrifices for freedom throughout history then why not?

Meet SONICAM: The World’s First Affordable 3D Virtual Reality Camera

SONICAM is a photographer’s dream camera as it also contains ISO, white balance, shutter, a professional Gamma setting, sharpness, saturation, contrast, and much more. RAW image format is available for post-production so users can edit them with their own artistic touch.

It’s incredible how many of these cameras are being developed, all vying for a sliver of the market. At this point there is no clear front runner, only time will determine what the go-to will be for various segments of the market. What is clear is requirements: Live, RAW, and at least 4K.

Walmart is bringing VR instruction to all of its US training centers

The startup building these training experiences is STRIVR Labs, a relatively low-profile VR company that had previously focused largely on developing VR training for collegiate and professional athletics programs.

This is where the money is in VR. It may not grab many headlines but opportunities present themselves to the shrewd investors. B2B Training Vendors for the future.