Bring marketing video content in-house without the headaches.

Create more content cost-effectively.

My Marketing Video Consulting services will help you save time and create more video marketing content faster. Over 10 years, I have built video content production processes and best practices to output consistently high quality marketing video content faster.

Kyle Wilson | Marketing Video Consultant

I am a unique mix of creative, technical, business experience from 10 years in digital media and video marketing roles. I’m obsessed with productivity, always trying to hack a process, create more, and maintain quality. I’ve scaled marketing video content operations for Canada’s largest private media company and lead operations at an award winning digital marketing agency.

Now I’m on a mission to help tech companies in Canada get more from their marketing video efforts. When budgets are tight and you’re feeling the pinch of hired agency fees, I’ll assess your operations and help you produce more using proven tactics and best practices for marketing video content production.

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